Octalex Green Lighting

Energy Efficient LED Lighting for the Future

Why LED?

LEDs luminaires and globes have four key benefits over traditional lighting:

  1. Lifetime:
    • Traditional lighting, e.g. halogen, may have a lifetime of as little as 2000 hours. In premises where lights are required for long periods of the day (or even 24/7) this means globes could be needing replacement almost continually around the building.
    • High power LEDs can have lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours and low and medium power LEDs up to 100,000 hours (depending upon application), dramatically reducing any replacement schedule and in some cases removing it altogether.
  2. Power Consumption:
    • In comparison of traditional halogen globe with LED replacement - LED luminaire will be up to 80% more efficient than halogen.
    • If we compare Fluorescents or metal halide luminaires to LED luminaire they are at least 50% more efficient.
  3. Maintenance cost:
    • When considering LEDs it's important not to overlook the cost of physically replacing traditional bulbs. In some buildings lighting may be in difficult areas requiring out of hours replacement and/or specialist equipment to reach. Using LEDs in such areas could reduce the requirement for such expensive maintenance by a factor of 20.
  4. Environmental:
    • Octalex LED lamps can be 98% recycled after decommissioning.
    • Significant benefits in electricity consumption (savings up to 90%) contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions
    • Octalex LED lamps operate at much cooler temperatures, which reduce the risk of fire, accidental damage to skin if touched, decreases the requirements for air conditioning hence lowers energy consumption.
    • Octalex LED lamps do not contain mercury - No special process is required to recycle Octalex LED lamp - unlike florescent lighting products
    • Octalex LED lamps reduce landfill burden - for every recyclable Octalex LED lamp used, approximately 17 halogens will be sent to landfill

Other benefits and attributes:

  • Octalex LED lamps are available with a stand-alone LED transformer with connected power flex and plug
  • Dimmable by C-BUS, Phillips DYNALITE or standard stand-alone TRIAC wall dimmer (all types)
  • No degradation in Octalex LED lamp lifetime when frequently switched ON and OFF
  • Provide a consistently diffused light, unlike halogens that often project uneven light
  • All Octalex LED lamp parts always remain below 80°C
  • Octalex LED lamps start instantly and attain full light output within less than one second, whereas CFL (Compact Fluoro Light) or Fluro Tubes may take up to 3 minutes to attain full light output and may blink on start -up. This makes Octalex LED lamps far more suitable for areas where lighting is switched on for only short periods of time or controlled by movement/occupancy sensors.
  • If replacement of Octalex LED lamps is delayed beyond maximum light output, lamps will, in most cases, continue to function, albeit at reduced light output
  • Octalex LED lamps do not emit infra-red radiation.
  • Octalex LED lamps operate silently whereas CFLs or metal halide may emit audible noise

The only true downside to LED lighting is the initial cost of the devices themselves which tend to be higher than traditional lighting. However these additional costs are far outweighed by the substantially improved lifetime, reduced power requirements and little to no maintenance costs.